You will experience Sanyang technology here.

Sanyang's machines are used to package a wide range of products.

As professionals dealing with packaging processes, we offer the best packaging systems.

SanYang's solution to bring you a better experience
We are your trustworthy self-bagging packaging machine manufacturing company in China, providing you with professional solutions with zero risk.
Easy to operate
The equipment is designed to be simple and easy to get started.
Replacement service for wearing parts
Free replacement service for wearing parts including proximity switches, thermocouples, relays, heating tubes and fuses is provided.
Reliable electrical configuration
Reliable motors, servo motors and servo drives are used to ensure equipment stability and efficient performance.
Stability of machining centers
The equipment is designed to be simple and easy to get started.
Technical team
Experienced, can provide professional technical support and solutions.
High-quality raw materials
Use high-quality raw materials to manufacture equipment to ensure equipment durability and performance stability.
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