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Sanyang is at your service. We believe it is our responsibility to qualify our customers so that they can use and operate Sanyang products in the best possible way and profitably, which is why we also offer service and user training.

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Sanyang adheres to the concept of professional, efficient and all-round after-sales service, providing customers with quality after-sales support through experienced after-sales team, multiple training methods, technical services and quick response time. These services ensure that customers can get timely technical support and solutions when using Sanyang's packaging machinery.

After-sales team
After-sales team

Sanyang has an experienced after-sales team, including machine debuggers with 20 years of experience. These professionals are familiar with Sanyang's packaging machinery products and are able to quickly solve various technical problems. In addition, Sanyang also has fixed after-sales personnel abroad to provide more convenient technical support and service.

After-sales team

In order to help customers better utilize Sanyang's packaging machinery,Sanyang provides a variety of training methods. These include video training, which demonstrates the operation steps and precautions to customers through video tutorials.In addition, Sanyang also provides personnel on-site training, where they send professional technicians to the customer's site for training. In addition, customers can also choose to come to Sanyang's training center to receive training.

After-sales team
Technical Services

Sanyang provides a full range of technical services to ensure that customers are able to use their packaging machinery smoothly. With remote video assistance, they can remotely monitor and guide customers to solve technical problems. If necessary, they can also provide technical support at home. Especially in the electrical module, the software provided by Sanyang can detect the operation of the machine, detect potential faults and repair them in time.

After-sales team
Response time

Sanyang is committed to responding quickly to customer needs and minimizing the waiting time for after-sales service. They set reasonable response time standards to ensure that customers can get timely solutions when they encounter problems.

In addition to the above mentioned after-sales service, Sanyang also provides customers with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. On this page, customers can find common questions and solutions about packaging machinery, so as to quickly solve some common technical problems.
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