Frequently Asked Questions
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Answer the most common packaging machine questions and provide tips on how to make the best packaging automation decisions for your business.
Choose your packaging method.

4 Side Seal: This is a common packaging method for a wide range of products. By sewing four edges together, our bags can be securely closed to protect products from damage and contamination.

Strip: This is another common packaging method for long or strip-shaped products. By sealing the back side together, our packaging can tightly wrap the product for easy carrying and storage.

How much grams do you want?

Our professional team will provide you with carefully selected packaging materials of appropriate grammage according to your product characteristics and needs, ensuring the quality and safety of the packaging.

What is the number of bags you want in 1 box?

The number of bags in 1 box refers to the number of bags contained in each box. We will provide you with the right number of bags according to your sales and distribution needs so that you can provide the right amount of products and meet the market demand.

What is your ideal daily production rate?

Daily production is the number of products a company can produce per day. We will work with you to set reasonable daily production goals based on your production capacity and order requirements to help you plan your production schedule and ensure timely delivery of customer orders.

Select the materials you need to package.

Please select one of the following packaging materials: granules, powders, sauces and liquids. We provide professional packaging materials and technical support for different material characteristics to ensure your product quality and safety are optimized.

With Sanyang Technology CO.,LTD.'s Beginner's Guide, you should now have a better understanding of the basics of packaging. If you need further help or professional advice, we are happy to support you. Start exploring the world of packaging with us and enjoy a relaxing packaging experience!