DXDS-Y350E Milk sachet filling packing machine

DXDS-Y350E Milk sachet filling packing machine

Main technological parameter

Item / Model


Pouch length

50~250mm adjustable

Pouch width

40~85mm ( if change width, should change bag mould)

Packing speed

50~120times/nimdepend on the pouch size and material

Filling capacity


Applicable film


Max film width


Max film diameter

Φ300mm (do as customer’s request)

Film core diameter

Φ75mm (do as customer’s request)

Electric power

220V50Hz (do as customer’s request)

Total powder

5.5 kw



Package size

1400x1000x1700 mm (L×W×H)

1、Advanced performance, high power, low noise, compact structure, operate steadily , easy to maintain, and has a long life span.
2、A PLC is used for automatic control, four shaft servo linkage, reliable performance, convenient to operate, and fully automatic.
3、A high degree of automation. Machine can finish packing at one time from longitudinal sealing, longitudinal cutting, transverse sealing, filling, embossing, notch cutting, cutting Dotted line, transverse cutting to outputting finished sachets.
4、High precision whole rolling type heat sealing rollers are adopted as sealing mould. 4-sides sealing, double-line sachets form. Because liquid material will easily leak in sealing side, an extra smooth unstriated sealing roller is setup to ensure sealing sides compact and tightly. With high packing speed, smooth bag shape, delicate and beautiful, packaging with high efficiency.
5、Fast and convenient to adjust. It can step-less adjust pouch length without changing the mould. And can adjust the functions as longitudinal sealing, transverse sealing, filling, embossing, Dotted line cutting and transverse cutting through man-machine interface.
6、Accurate in measurement. According to liquid material, specially designed of centrifugal liquid pump for filling, measuring control adopt high precise electro-magnetic valve, each valve match with voltage regulator, each line’s dosage can be adjusted easily and accurately.
7、Each actuating mechanism adopts servo motor to driver, pouch in forming process is controlled by PLC, it is precise in automatic in step positioning
8、Photoelectric tracking system is adopted to ensure correct printing and with automatic counting function.
9、Adaptability of the package film. The sealing temperature of machine is with automatic control, and with high control accuracy (± 1C °). Suitable for most complex film packing film in home and abroad, such as PET/AL/PE、PET/PE、NY/AL/PE、NY/PE and so on.
10、Extra functions set up . For example, sachet cutting can choose flat cutting knife, dotted line knife or saw tooth knife. Printing can choose embossing (hard batch) or ink wheel printer. and can choose different kinds of alarm requirement.

Machine is suitable for packing liquid material in the medicine, food, and daily chemical industries, and automatic packing into sachets with measuring requirement. Such as ice lolly, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, medicine (water), chemical agent (water) and so on.

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