DXD-BK680 Coffee Powder Stick (Back-side) Sealing and Multi-line Packing Machine

Product Details


1. advanced performance, high strength, low noise, compact structure, stable operation, easy maintenance, long service life.

2 the whole machine adopts PLC control, servo tracking synchronous linkage, reliable performance, convenient operation, high degree of automatic control.

3 high degree of automation. This machine from the longitudinal cutting, longitudinal sealing,  transverse sealing, filling, printing, notch cutting, cross cutting, until the finished bag output can be completed at one time.

4 adopt the combination sealing knife as sealing mould. Back sealing, upper and lower transverse sealing alternating multiple times once sealing. Sealing tightly. And with high packing speed, pouch shape smoothly, delicate appearance, high packing efficiency.

5 quick and convenient adjustment. The bag length can be adjusted without changing the mould. And the vertical seal, transverse sealing, filling, cutting and other implementing agencies can be adjusted through the man-machine interface.

6 filling measurement accuracy. In the case of granular materials, it is specially designed to push and pull the whole metering plate, and each bag can be adjusted conveniently and accurately.

7 in the forming process of the packaging bag through the PLC control, so that each actuator can be accurately automatic positioning.

8 photoelectric tracking system is adopted to ensure the automatic calibration of the packaging bag, and has the function of automatic counting.

9 strong adaptability to the package material, the sealing temperature of the machine has the function of automatic control, and the control precision is high (about 1C degrees). Can adapt to domestic and foreign production of a variety of packaging films, such as PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, NY/AL/PE, NY/PE, etc..

10 additional features can be added, such as the right to cut off the choice of cutting machine, dashed knife, serrated knife, etc.. Typing code can be selected ink wheel printer, etc., and the selection of various alarm requirements.

This machine is suitable for the medium and small bags automatic packing in the medicine, food, daily chemical industry and so on. Such as: small pills, granules, coffee, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, small granular pharmaceutical preparations, etc..



Lanes number


Packing material


Packing speed

 20-60 bags/min/lane

Filling capacity


Packing film


Bag size



Film width


Sealing type

Back sealing stick type bag

Power supply

380V 50HZ 3P 4 W(do as customer’s request)


8-10KW(depend on lines)

Air consumption

0.8MPA 0.8m3/min





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