Maintenance method of granule packing machine

Thursday, 26 July 2018

The maintenance of the granule packing machine not only requires the operator and the maintenance personnel to understand the equipment knowledge of the equipment, but also needs maintenance and use personnel to develop certain equipment maintenance habits, in order to better extend the life of the granule packaging machine.
There are several common maintenance methods for granule packing machines:
1. Frequent inspection of the screws may result in parts wear, looseness, rust, etc., so that its comprehensive ability is not affected.
2. The granule packing machine keeps the inside and outside clean and tidy, and there are no oil or foreign matter accumulation on each sliding surface and oil hole. The parts are not leaking or leaking, and the electrical components and sensing components are guaranteed to be dry and not dusty.
3. In terms of maintenance, when the high temperature cloth is damaged, first loosen the four fixing screws that fix the high temperature cloth. Turn the rotating rod to roll the burnt high temperature cloth forward or backward, and then tighten the fixing screws.

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