WARMING PAD PACKING MACHINE Characteristics and application

Monday, 16 July 2018

1. With a high degree of automation, the packaging machine can finish packing at one time from sachet making, filling, rotary cutting to outputting finished sachets.
2. The Warm Pad Packing Machine uses high precision heat sealing rollers for sealing mold, with multi-line four-side round corner sealing or abnormal shape edge sealing sachet form. The machine provides high packing speed, neat, delicate and beautiful bags, and high packaging efficiency.
3. The machine is fast and convenient to adjust. Users can adjust such functions as forming sealing, transverse sealing, filling, finished sachets cutting etc. through man-machine interface.
4. The machine is accurate in measurement. Regarding fine granule mixing materials like iron powder and water-retaining agent, the Warm Pad Packing Machine is specially designed with double-lane double-plate single-moving type feeding mechanism, together with cylindrical adjustable measuring cups for measuring, which is highly precise and easy to adjust.
5. Each actuating mechanism makes use of a servo motor, and mechanism driving, sachet forming and forming cutting is controlled by PLC. It makes each function in phase positioning precisely and automatic.
6. The machine comes with film automatic sending, and film sending constant force tensioning mechanism. To ensure smooth and beautiful packing, it is designed with film sending fixed value interpolation function according to different magnification ratio of different films. The machine provides automatic counting.
7. The Warm Pad Packing Machine offers automatic PLC control, five shaft servo linkage, and reliable performance. It is convenient to operate and fully automatic.
8. With adaptability to a variety of the package film, the packing machine provides automatic control of sealing temperature and has high control accuracy (± 1C°). It is suitable for the most complex packing film in home and abroad, such as PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, NY/AL/PE, NY/PE, non-woven fabrics and so on.
9. Extra functions can be set up. For example, for sachet cutting, dotted line knife, flat cutting knife or abnormal shape knife can be chosen. Printing can use an ink wheel printer. According to the material properties, it can be additionally equipped with a feeding mouth lifting mechanism. Users can choose different kinds of alarm requirements.
The Warm Pad Packing Machine is used for packing all kinds of warm bags and abnormal shaped pouches, such as warm bag, warm pouch, warm keeper, baby warmer, heating paste, foot paste, heater pad, warm baby paste, heat patch, body warmer, self-warming stick, foot pad, etc.
It can also be used to pack loose, non sticky granule materials in the medicine, food, daily chemical and other industries, and is applicable to measuring and automatic packing into sachets materials such as Chinese medicine infusion, oatmeal, coffee etc.

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