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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Powder packing machine Features :
A Vertical form fill seal intermittent type Machine is suitable for Wheat Flour, Coffee, Spices, all type of agriculture /chemical powders. The machine operates on the principle of Positive displacement screw operating. The filling cycle is controlled by electronic sensor &clutch-brake system.
Body of machine : Fabricated in mild steel & .Powder Coated/ Stainless Steel
All parts coming in contact with the product are of stainless steel
Packing material : Any heat seal able Laminated/Aluminum Foil/BOPP
Sealing type : Center /side seal-/continuous sealing
Salient features :
* PLC controlled machine
* Can pack all types of free flow & non free flow powders.
* Comprehensive push button control panel with cycle counter
* Various optional attachment can be provide like Nitrogen flushing, Dust extraction Batch cutting device, hot foil stamping etc.
Features :
• A perfect machine designed to give maxmimum output with minimum maintenance having all operations handled with ease.
• For safety all parts that are in contact with filling product manufactured in Stainless Steel.
• Accurate sealing die temperature control and fully controllable die pressure.
• Cut-off blade for separation of sachet from film web housed in horizontal position for maximum efficiency.
• Photocell print registration.
• Comprehensive push button control panel with cycle counter.
• Frontal safety guard and access doors electricity locked.
• Tool Kit and Operators's Manual.

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