The exhibition is a higher level of development

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The exhibition is a higher level of development in the form of fairs and temples. In the content, the exhibition is no longer limited to the trade of the market or the temple trade and entertainment, and expanded to science and technology, culture and arts and other human activities in various fields. In the form, the exhibition has a formal exhibition site, modern management organization and so on. In the modern exhibition industry, the exhibition is the most widely used, the most widely known exhibition name, in a broad sense, it can include all forms of exhibition; from the narrow sense, the exhibition right to trade and publicity of the nature of the exhibition, Including trade fairs, trade fairs, trade fairs, sample orders, exhibitions and other achievements. The contents of the exhibition is generally limited to one or several adjacent industries, the main purpose is to promote, import and export, wholesale and so on.

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