The information of Exhibition

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

What is exhibition?

Exhibition is a comprehensive use of various media communication, through on-site exhibition and demonstration to convey information, recommend image, is a kind of conventional public relations activities. In short, the exhibition is a form of product display activities!

The foundation of the exhibition is temple fair and market. However, in modern history, France was the country of origin of holding exhibitions, which mainly focused on propaganda and spread the local industrial strength. Therefore, exhibitions were widely held in the world.

There are two forms of exhibitions, one is offline exhibition and the other is online exhibition. Offline exhibitions are generally held through fixed pavilions and temporary tarpaulins; Online exhibitions are held through the Internet. Compared with offline exhibitions, online exhibitions are only in the early stage. Since 2020, it is possible to become a comparable offline exhibition. Because online exhibitions can connect exhibitors and purchasers around the world more easily, and VR technology, as if they were on the scene, online exhibitions are a trend of time.


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