After confirming all project details with customers, the company formally receives the form by signing contract. The design department shall design the machine outline drawing and layout drawing to the customer, and then fill in the detailed production task sheet to the production department by relevant personnel after confirmation.
After receiving the task, the production part will check and count the production time of each department and allocate. Since all non-standard equipment, detailed drawings will be designed by the design department. Then, the purchasing department will count and purchase special raw materials and accessories, then start the part processing, and then carry out the part quality inspection after the completion, and then put the semi-finished products into storage after the inspection is passed.
After that, the group leader in charge of assembly will receive the accessories to start the parts out of the warehouse for assembly. The assembly and test run shall be completed before the delivery date specified by the customer. The functions of each station of the machine shall be debugged, fat shall be completed according to the requirements of the customer, and then the package shall be delivered after the confirmation of the customer.

1.Preliminary preparation

Orders → Place production order → Design drawings → Purchasing special raw materials and accessories

2.Product processing

Parts processing → Parts quality inspection → Semi-finished products warehousing

3.Quality Inspection

Semi-finished products out of warehouse assembly → Assembly completion test machine → Factory Acceptance Test → Packaging and delivery

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